Rating Scale

Rating (Evaluation) Scale For Food Tasting

My evaluations are based on my own grading scale. As an assessment scale, I use points between 0 and 10. As different from other tasting websites, I also add 0.5 points as additions. The reason why I do this is because the positive features or the short comings of a restaurant have an impact on my evaluation. For example, suppose I give 7 to a restaurant, the point might go up to 7.5 or down to 6.5 depending on the sincerity of the waiter. Or, I can change the point 6 to 6.5 if I see the one of features of a 7 point scale restaurant there. Usually, you won’t see many additions to points, but still it’s good to know that I sometimes do that. Lastly, sometimes people say I give 7 to a Michelin starred restaurant, whereas I give 9 to a kebab shop down at heels. When I grade these places, I consider the fact that I’m going to a Michelin starred restaurant. It would be injustice to expect such details from a kebab shop. So, 7 points are the points I would give them when I compare them to other Michelin starred restaurants. It does not mean that the kebab shop is better than the restaurant because it has a 9.

You won’t ever see the places that have between 0 and 5 here. Those are the places I have ‘unfortunately’ been and would never share on my website. The places I share on my website are the places where I say  ‘I will definitely go again’.  Even though they might have low points, those are the places that have some sort of motivation to achieve something. Therefore, I can happily guide you to those places.

6 Points:

Those are the places where they can present you the food on the menu hygienically and in a somewhat pleasant way. Because I compare the tastes I’ve had before, probably I’ve tasted the same food better somewhere else and that it’s not that interesting. These places have at least one DISTINCT and unique specials on their menu. Probably they have a simple wine and drinks menu, or a non-existent one.

7 Points

In addition to places that have 6 points, those with 7 have at least 2 DISTINCT and unique specials on their menu. Probably the wine and drinks menu are simple or still in process.

8 Points:

In addition to the places I’ve given 7, those that have 8 have at least three DISTINCT and unique specials on their menu. Probably theirwine and drinks menu are good and provide local and international wines. Places with 8 points also have such features as nice and pleasant décor, good presentation, knowledgeable waiters and unique tasting menu. For 8 points and beyond, I definitely have a gastronomy experience that has reached European standards.

9 Points:

In addition to places that have 8 points, those with 9 have at least 4 DISTINCT and unique specials on their menu. Probably their wine and drinks menu are very good and provide local and international wines as well. The harmony of wine and food are excellent. Sommelier guides you what to drink at the table. The chef surprises you with little details in between courses and refreshes the taste in your mouth. These places are the places I would definitely like you to see.

10 Points:

These places accommodate all the nuances of gastronomy and provide you the excellent service. They are the places where I think one must go and eat before they die. The enchantment of every little detail from A to Z has captivated me.


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